Best No. 1 Headphone For Gaming in 2022

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Audeze Penrose

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Why It Was Selected

The planar magnetic drivers utilized by Audeze’s premium headphones are a departure from the cone and dome drivers found in the majority of headphones and headsets. Although planar magnetic speakers provide excellent sound, they are typically more expensive than conventional drivers, which is why you mostly see them in the collections of audiophiles. One of the rare gaming headsets that use those drivers is the Audeze Penrose, and it sounds excellent.

You can listen to game music that accurately represents the producer’s and mixing engineer’s intentions thanks to the Penrose. The performance of the headset, which most other gaming headsets simply lack, will appeal to audiophiles with its richness, detail, and balance.


It is a wireless gaming headset with a USB transmitter that can be used with a PC, Nintendo Switch, or PlayStation 4 or 5 (if you prefer to play on a Microsoft platform, there is also a Penrose X version with an Xbox-compatible transmitter). It offers both a 3.5mm cable connection and Bluetooth connectivity.

Who Is It? For

$300 is pricey for a gaming headset but on the low end for equipment that is suitable for audiophiles. In fact, the LCD-GX, which sounds incredible but costs $900, is the priciest gaming headset Audeze currently sells. We would find it difficult to recommend a headset that costs double what the console it will be connected to. As is, the Penrose is one of the best-sounding gaming headsets in this price range, especially if you value balance over enhanced lows and highs.

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